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oh my ladygaga

oh my ladygaga,i love you so much

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oh my ladygaga

oh my ladygaga,i love you so much

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Comedy and humor

Beautiful sad love sentences

Longing for the sky, is lonely.
For the unknown future, we baby items always think I'm not sure how to deal with this grass eggs how life is I think too there have been some absurd things recently, and knowing what's stuck in the inside can not get out
I do not regret I've loved, but End of the World from loneliness, being a short enough, as long as willing to be fast, be happy
You meet a person that you love baby bibs him more, then you will always lose him. Then, you encounter another, he loves you more, then you will sooner or later leave him. Until one day, you meet a person that you love one another. Finally understand that all of the search, but also a process. Previously, in Tianya, now right close.
Wait for sunny days, maybe I will take to love you again.
Dialogue and lonely, but do not want baby blanket to believe you're gone.
I started to miss those flowers spread around, because you leave them, changing the gorgeous enchanting. Long as the accumulation of solid and can not talk to the heart love. Was gradually submerged warm. Undercurrents of black sky edge, in the street Next gradually clear. I am still wandering in the road, people came to watch. They ignore my existence, quietly passed me. Occasionally someone would look at me, but also with a smile, but no one read my lonely. did not I love people and love my companions. my heart was empty and unwilling to spread.
If. All the wounds can heal. If. Can baby rompers exchange for all of the really real meaning. If. I believe that all are able to adhere to. If. All the feelings perfectly. If. Still able to meet certain cities. A simple smile. A little happiness. Wanton embrace. Nice. But really only if.
Love, Succeed anyway. Then is forever. I'm sorry, even if you feel me.
Recall has been in the past had, bit by bit in getting in the eyes blurred. Finally, with the spread of tears, with evaporation in the pores, moist air. Hand, let the snow outside the window spilled in my hand. Instant cold, followed by a little bit disappeared. Sad laughter echoed in the snow in the night sky. No echo, no response. Did not miss. Barrier through the snow, want to remember baby toys something. Found. In the end, I actually no one to miss. It is also sad loneliness than the loneliness.
One is the gorgeous short dream, a long and cruel reality.
Like the fairy tale, because it as a childhood.
Because of the time in to a crawl. So, we pallet racking pray for the eternal. Love, affection, friendship, youth, looks, body, and the glory ... ... because the bottom of life, our all this will eventually pass. So we will he gets humble lover's hand. and deeply believe that this is a mediocre, it is to resist growing old, death and disappearance of the force.
I hope you are my hands kite, cut the line, you're free. I hope you are in the hands of the line, kite flying, and I'm still in your hands
Sunset, the fairy tale world in general.
Early days, how to find back? Have you ever smile, scattered in the memories do not actually open.
A simple love, sunrise and sunset. Enjoy every kamas morning with the sun, wind, rain, dusk. This desire to be considered greedy. I think love is profound feelings over a lifetime. Acceptance and adjustments, and let love stand the fleeting. Work among the flat light and happiness, all the more precious.
Hear such a story, in ancient Greek legend, the couple will ring on the other side of the middle finger, because they believe that there is a blood vessel, through the heart. Therefore, heart promise ring means. But how achat de dofus kamas much love can be life and death on earth bald, how many of the conditions can last forever. So you married may not be your favorite, your favorite may not be married to you. How many lovers do not go into each other's life, only hard to go off to the afterlife, while the number of men and women through love, into marriage, but will not appreciate each other's pay.
Life, at least one time, you forget yourself for someone, no result, no company, no ownership nor love. But I feel most beautiful years, met you.
Playing with their red lights of the achat de kamas game. Red light, turn. Green light, go straight. Aimlessly walking, take a look at itself into the city where the last will. Lock yourself in a small steam room, as if testing the limits of the soul of a burden of sorrow. Have several times almost to suffocate, or be forced to continue to survive. Has been its provisions can not cry. So he tells himself secure in, eyes are not tears of liquid thrown in, is the smoke condenses the water vapor in the Tongmou .chj

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About you, about him, about love, about life <2>

About you, about him, about love, about life <2>

Of course you have to do frp pipe not just need to find how much I love you, but for you to find a man who support it you, for you need to worry, but do not have anything else you tube . You can also struggle to choose someone with, but only if you see this man worth his while to give up your worry-free life, if the value, you can do, if you do not have confidence or feel worth, then, even if the , or find the person you can raise it. But no matter how absolutely not when the third, not as a lover, not when the lady. Because you will regret it sooner or sand pipe later, perhaps you would say in order to survive, but I would say 360 lines, very best, I did not seen an able-bodied people can not live on their own hands, but do miss. Picking up trash than you, perhaps, a live full. You may laugh, how much they, how pathetic sad. Personality count ass, not valuable. Dwelling where the algae is the best example, but so unlucky as he is absolutely rare. And you just chose to give up, select the fall, "a cup" only their own taste. So you do choose to go, what you really want to live, once chosen, in manhole cover this life should not, because there is no regret to buy drugs.
Do not think I'm just easier said than done, because it already has too much warning, but also every person must know how to reason, just hope that every girl can have less regret, because the girls are like water, do not cry a lot beautiful.
On the boy, I want to say very little. Just hope you treat your girlfriend, because maybe one day she'll be your wife. Parents will eventually leave you, the children will eventually go their lives. And you can always stay around that person, can only be your wife, to grow old with you the only person she can, and you walk into the tomb with only her, who never betray you never just her. For Anime conventions such a person, if you sorry for her, do you think you or the person you think he is still a man, do not you think that blush, do not you feel ashamed of it? Do you still alive? Quickly find nobody is to die. Do not you think you're dead space, living a waste of RMB?
Of course, you will say God money, want to do what, it will only prove your ignorance and low moral. Money than you, than you 牛逼 people in this world to go to the Shanghai. Do not arrogant, have behaved, do not impose on pearl necklace others, we should remember that people beyond there is day outside, you just a grain of sand in the sea, have you no you are the same. Do not feel that they have Jigexiuqian to be deliberately playing with any woman. Perhaps you succeeded, because the world has these many people are born for the money, but to accompany you through life who really cares about your woman, you will not find in this life. Do not think that money can Shengge day, all day basking in the gentle countryside, good to remember that vertical brothel dream, difficult to assign affection. If you do not mind, then you can roll, because I absolutely deaf ears.
About good enough, if you think you good enough for cross pendant her or him, is really no need, you can only say good enough for you himself. If you have confidence, determination and what it can not do it. Want to do one thing can have a million ways, do not want to do there is a million excuses, this is far fetched. Because I have a bedroom buddy, his girlfriend is not good enough for him that, so to break out. But she really know how my buddy love her? She did not know. My buddy only his heart knows the pain, because more than a year now, and I know he is still a person. Just because she would not believe me buddy you will do all he can for her to do. But she chose engagement rings to give up, maybe a lifetime of regret in this life only. If the confidence that there will be another ending. Boys, too, have felt good enough for those who can not afford to love, it is just you and escape for their own incompetence excuse.
If you feel that you have not late, you do not want to regret it, then please courage on your side that she say I can give you a lifetime of happiness, maybe not now, but it must be coming in the future every day. If she is willing, then bless you, you're lucky, because you can find people over a lifetime with you, and bless her, because she found a suspicious person in life entrusted. May married lovers the world, but by no means rich.
Perhaps there are a lot of regret and crystal jewelry things that will shake your choice, it is now time to choose, or happiness, or can go to fall, or lead a zombie-like life, only choice is yours only. Maybe you still love the pain of everyone doing the tough choices, if he for you, you can stick to, if you think it is worth, you can adhere to. But we must remember that you love yourself, because you did not let themselves and their parents, as well as those who love you.
About love, about life, in fact, so simple is so complex. But as long as you carefully to find, there is a strong heart, then your own aromatic and bitter, is the front waving to you, is waiting in front dofus kamas pas cher of you. Remember, you can go to selection. Rather than to others, and drift, buried himself in this big vat where their own happiness to themselves to seek, to work hard. Have a life to accompany you, you can have peace of mind from life, life will be wonderful, will feel full, will have a hard target, because:
Hill is not high, but the immortal soul; water is not deep, Zeling; Sri Lanka was a simple room with your German (have) Xin.chj

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